Mandy BehrensMandy Behrens is a self-taught artist living in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two young daughters. She credits her mother, Relda Jane Fossett, for her artistic talents and passion for craftsmanship. Mandy hopes to inspire her own daughters to follow their artistic dreams just as her mother did for her. When she's not volunteering at school or cheering for her daughters at karate classes, Mandy can be found dabbling with paints, salvaged materials, eco-textiles, and natural colorants in her tiny bedroom studio.

Mandy strives to create little pieces of art and handmade goods that are not mass-produced, but rather one-of-a-kind creations her mother and ancestors would be proud of. She incorporates earth-friendly materials and sustainable practices in her designs whenever possible.

"I have a strong affinity for the old ways and timeworn objects. When creating my shop name I immediately thought of my great-grandparents and their parents who homesteaded in the early 1900s on the prairies of Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. "Weathered Silo" pays tribute to my ancestor's resilience and resourceful ways of living off the sometimes unforgiving land and it's untamed beauty."

2011 Work

August - DUST BOWL GLIMPSES series of 6 - original acrylic paintings on cradled wood panels + limited edition giclée prints

- Oil Paintings on handcrafted canvases of salvaged Mexican Chechen hardwood + eco textiles

October - Original Pencil + Ink Drawings on Watercolor Stock with Washes of Natural Colorants

November - Eco Holiday Ornaments and Eco Pincushions

2011 Art Tutorials

October 31st - Poppytalk - Guest Art Tutorial: Drink Up These Kitchen Colorants!